The Peacemaker

Major Jim Garrity needed a clean slate. After being unjustly court-martialed for the murder of four Yankee soldiers and narrowly escaping the hangman's noose, he sheds his identity and heads west to live among the Apache. As Shatto, he finds solace among his adopted brethren. But the new influx of settlers and soldiers into the Arizona Territory spells danger for the Apache people.

Independence Taylor blames herself for bringing the small pox into her home that led to her mother and brother's deaths. Abandoned by her grief-stricken father, she undertakes a dangerous journey to join him at his military outpost to beg forgiveness. En route, her military escort is attacked by Apaches. She has been advised to take her own life rather than be captured, but Shatto intervenes before she can pull the trigger.

Indy's initial fear of the mysterious Shatto is tempered by the bargain he strikes with her father to subdue the warriors by training a select group of troopers in Apache warfare. Imbued with the power of the wind spirit, Shatto attempts to bring peace to the troubled land.

As tensions mount between the settlers and Apache, so does the undeniable attraction between Shatto and Indy. Can the would-be lovers broker peace...or will chaos rule and destroy their burgeoning passion?

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The Seeker

The Seeker was inspired by the true story of the Camp Grant Massacre of 1871, the blackest day in the pages of Arizona history.

Ginny Sinclair didn't know anything about the Southwest or Apaches—except that both were wilder than she ever dreamed. Newly arrived in Tucson to help her father start a newspaper, Ginny had a lot to learn, especially from Bonner Kincaid, an army interpreter. The townspeople called the tall, handsome half-breed Apache trouble, someone to be feared. But Ginny saw a different man, one who filled her with troubling emotions, raging desires and a need to write the truth even if destroyed her.

Empowered by the wind spirit, Bonner Kincaid vowed to help the Apache face the inevitable: defeat and surrender. Only then could the Apache and the white man live in peace. His attraction to Ginny Sinclair was a surprise he didn’t see coming. He was quick to believe she would write the same old lies and was even more surprised when she went out of her way to write the truth.

Bonner knew the risks of loving a white woman and was determined to stay away from her, but Fate kept bringing them together until neither could deny their passion or their love.

Tucson was a town gone mad with hate, a town ruled by greed and prejudice. Would love be Bonner and Ginny’s destiny or their doom?

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The Healer

Available June, 2012

Oscar Goes Camping

If you’ve ever set up a tent and wanted to tear your hair out because of the EASY instructions, if you’ve ever awakened in the middle of the night because of rocks poking you through your sleeping bag, if you’ve ever discovered too late why you should store your food in bear boxes, or if you’ve ever been smoked out by your own campfire, you’ll appreciate Oscar Goes Camping.

Oscar Goes Camping is a comical look at the crazy things novice campers do, the mistakes they make and the lessons they learn illustrated by color photos of Oscar in various camping scenarios. Oscar’s ever-so-clever Yorkie antics exemplify the excitement, disappointment and mishaps that befall many an unwary camper.

Veteran writers, photographers and campers, Gene Stirm and Chelley Kitzmiller collaborated with Oscar to create this charming, tongue-in-cheek camper’s guide. This is truly an animal lover’s book and perfect gift for every camper or aspiring camper on your gift list. Of course you will want to keep a copy for yourself.

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Heartbreak Rnach

Available Dec, 2012