History of Romance

Clergyman’s Almanac, 1815

“The indiscriminate reading of novels and romances is to young females of the most dangerous tendency. It agitates their fancy to delirium of pleasure never to be realized and opens to their view the Elysium fields which exist only in the imagination, fields which involve them in wretchedness and inconsolable sorrow. The most profligate villain, bent on the infernal purpose of seducing a woman, could not wish a symptom more favorable to his purpose than a strong imagination inflamed with the rhapsodies of artful and corrupting novels.”

Romance Communications

...an excellent portrayal of life in the territories ...a wonderful love story.

Alota Readers Newsletter

...tackles a complex issue with objectivity and skill ...captivating and thought provoking.

Under The Covers Book Reviews

...Chelley’s delicate, yet hard-hitting novel leaves us breathless with truism and deep passion.

The Literary Times

...one of the finest western historicals to come along in a while.

Publisher’s Weekly

...a truly admirable job of putting a languorous, smoldering romance in the midst of an exciting, well-researched historical framework.

Bell, Book and Candle

...if history could come alive, it would be this splendid and exiting story.

Book Bug on the Web

...powerful writer whose sense of romance is true to a woman’s heart. Kitzmiller was born to write.

Compuserve Romance Reviews

...The love scenes fairly burned the pages!

Daphne’s DreamEditor

...Kitzmiller intertwined a great deal of history with a gripping story.

Painted Rock

...bold and sensual, combining a sense of history and good writing to give us a fine example of the best of Indian romances.


Hard Shell Work Factory

...characters so memorable they seem to leap off the page.

Affaire de Coeur

...one of the most promising new authors on the bookshelves today.

The Paperback Trader

..a very satisfying read.